Monday, 31 August 2015

Tuesday 4th August: Angers to Chateau Gontiers

On our way north from the Loire now, following the course of the river Mayenne. Very quite paths, nearly all gravel tracks along the river side.

Again, finding lunch was really difficult. At 1330 we had explored two reasonable size "towns" - they had Marie's and they had post offices but no shops or restos! Finally we came to a village with a waterside campsite which promised a resto at the top of the virtual valley side. Got a salad and a beer from a rather surprised cafe owner who was about to close!

At Chateau Gontiers we stayed at the Parc hotel and spa, and we arrived early enough to get a late afternoon by the pool.

Supper was on the terrace at the stunning Aquarelle restaurant with lovely river views.
Toasting Di Davis's birthday with Soupe d'Angevine (cremant de Loire, lime juice and triple sec - in this case Blue Curaçao.

And this is Henri the Hommard who joined us for our Entrées.

Distance  60.65km
Average speed  16.64 kph
Ascended 252m

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  1. You appear to have celebrated my birthday in style. I may have to try making the cocktail!