Monday, 31 August 2015

Sunday 2nd August: Saumur to Angers

This was inevitably one of the highlights of our expidition. The Loire has hundreds of km of bike friendly routes, and we had constant choices of which route on which bank to follow.
Cycling along the left bank

Lunch at St-Rèmy-la-Varenne. Overpriced and took 2.5 hours to serve but lovely sun and view

Ice cream at Bouchmaine - the place where the rivers through Angers flow into the Loire,

Entering Angers

Distance 67.23
Av  17.3 kph

It was a rest day at Angers and we spent the morning doing our washing and the rest of the time at the beach by the lake
A pint by the beach café

Supper at the Salamander - quite posh!

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