Monday, 31 August 2015

Packing for our ACE ride. Saturday 18th July 2015

@suukii and I are packing ready to catch Ferry to Santander.

This is everything I need to get into my two panniers - everything we need for cycling and living in hotels for three weeks as we ride back from Spain through France to Caen/Ouistreham to catch ferry home. 

We have done a few practice runs staying in pubs overnight over recent weekends. And our packing list from #LEJOG in 2012 was still pretty good - although we are taking less winter clothes for a mid summer ride through France.

Ready to go!

We are intending that this trip  will be a little more sedate than the LEJOG, and hopefully the weather will be a little better! We intend to travel around 80km/50 miles each day, and we are choosing quiet cycle routes rather than more direct but busier roads.  We are staying in pre-booked hotels each night, and have scheduled 4 rest days on the three week trip (actually 19 days). Given that we will be traveling in some popular holiday areas during August, we pre-booked all the hotels for the whole route in April.

Here's my packing list for this trip

Hugh Clothes
1 pr Sandals with cleats
1 pr deck Shoes 
5 pairs pants/ Padded pants
3 pairs socks - wicking/merino
2 pairs shorts
2 smartish trousers
2 smart linen shirts 
1 merino jersey
2 short sleeved merino T-shirts 
1 long sleeved merino shirts
1 polo
swimming trunks
Swimming hat
Web Belt
Silk dressing gown

Waterproof top
Waterproof trousers
White Reflective jacket
Cycling Gloves

Inner tube
Blow-up cylinder (Get you home instant tyre inflation)
Tyre Repair kit
Gaffer Tape
Cable Ties
D-lock and cable
Chain repair link
and for this trip we had to take the following as we were require dto pack our bikes for the coach trip from Santander to Irun.
Bike Bag (we bought 2 new mattress bags - but the CTC bike bag would have done as well)
Parcel tape 
Pedal removing tool

iPad and lead
iPhone and charger lead
Technet 10,000 mAmp-hr Batteries (keeps a handlebar mounted iPhone going all day with no trouble)
USB plug and converters
Lightweight extension lead

Water bottles
Lightweight mugs 
Bamboo Spork 
Water Boiling Element (French hotels do not usually give you tea or coffee making kit)
Lightweight rucksack
Plastic bags
Wallet including euros and our French Carte Blue
Shower bag and shampoos
Wet Wipes
Small First aid kit (Elastic bandage, Melomine, antiseptic)
Deep Heat or equiv.
Sun Cream
Nose cream (50 SPF)
Talcum powder
Mosquito repellent
Clothes Hand Washing liquid
Penknives Swiss  army
Camping towel
Washing line
Sewing kit
Tea Bags and coffee sachets
Body glide
Zeros (Electrolyte sports drink tablets - 3 per person per day)
It looks quite a lot, but it all packs up nicely in Eagle Creek Pack-Lite bags and fits easily into my two 20L Ortleib bags, and comes in at around 12kg.  Its certainly not a minimal set-up, but it does mean we have all we need to keep the bikes on the road, the technology working and to be presentable at hotel restaurants in the evenings!

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