Monday, 31 August 2015

Sunday 26th July: Lacaneau to Soulac-sur-Mer

Today was another fantastic ride through the forest between lakesides and seasides. But the best bit was the ride along the Route Forestiere between lac hourtin and the sea. It was a "proper" road , although currently closed to cars, and it had a surface that assures you that at some stage La Tour must have come here!  It felt like it was slightly down hill all the way, but the logs show that we were at 10m above sea level for 15km here, and trucking at 25kph 😀

Not many photos of today. Lunch in Montalivet, and when we were 8km out Su remembered that she had left her bag in the resto - so back to collect it.  Added a few km to what was supposed to be quite a short day.

In Soulac we stayed at L'Ėcume du Jour, a pretty little sea side themed hotel, with a worthy Restaurant - La Table Corto. We ate well - although I was cautious - still recovering from my bug yesterday.  Madame, on receiving us in to the resto, did not recognise us us the two cyclists she had given a room two hours earlier and demanded our reservation!

We did 86 km at an average speed of 20.33 kph and climbed 296m

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