Monday, 31 August 2015

Thursday 6th August: Mayenne to Flers

Got away reasonably early - we were hoping to make it to Domfront for lunch - but underestimated the distance.

At Mayenne we left the river and today has mainly been on disused railway lines - often alongside the Varenne - a tributary of the Mayenne. The surface quality mostly allowed quite good speed.

The Varenne 

We came across this weird thing called the Velo-Rail. They supplied a kind of cart loaded onto two cycles above each rail and a family could drive a few km
Into the forest - where there was a little turntable. Possibly they did not think through the business model though??

Our hotel today is the St Germaine in Flers. Booked through it's the cheapest we have used other than B&Bs.  On arrival it was closed. It's a simple commercial hotel with a bar. The bar keeper has gone on his Congès and we had to ring someone to let us in.

Flers is a small town that seemed to be much more noisey and alive than many other places in early August. We were looking forward to cidre and crêpes tonight, but of course the only Creperie in town went bust in June.  In the event we found the streets full of nutters and druggies, and our experience at the otherwise rather good Beverl'Inn was rather tarnished by a couple of coke heads/ nitrous oxide users (I don't know the difference but they made the place unusable for all the other clients who left as quick as possible). The streets are full of wankers doing wheelies on motorbikes or skid turns in cars. What a foul place! Property is incredibly cheap here. There is a good reason for this!

Distance 78.25 km
Av speed 18.17 kph
Ascended 450m
(Note for me - I failed to start my log this morning - started after 8.5km - taken from Su's log.)

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