Monday, 31 August 2015

Friday 24th July . Arcachon to Lacanau Ocean

We made a 0930 departure just in time to catch the 1000 ferry from Arcachon centre to Cap le Ferret.

Today was another easy day rambling along through the forest, alongside lakes and the coast on dedicted cycle paths. Weather mixed. We could have pushed it and made it to Lacaneau for lunch but instead chose a beachside stop 10 km short.

Our hotel is the Vitalparc, a spa hotel,, just up the hill in the country behindthe town.  We have a rest day here. Spent the afternoon at the pool, and supper on the veranda.

Today's trip was 60km, at average speed of 19.4 km/hr and 327m ascent.

As we go into our first rest day we have cycled 307 km (192 miles) and ascended 1693m (5555ft)

At this stage a find myself reflecting on our first rest day on our #LEJoGgently trip in 2012. We were much more tired, rather dehydrated, in need of dry clothes and already fed-up with pub meals lunch and supper. And we had been scared silly by a lorry that nearly ran Su over trying to overtake her on a corner on the brow of a hill in Exeter. There had been no dedicated cycle paths and the roads out of Cornwall and Devon are mostly not fit places for bikes. Not to mention the constant hills!  I have enjoyed this trip much more so far!

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